Monday, January 22, 2007


This is my first post on the HP Pavilion, an AMD64x2 with 2 gig of DDR2, mobo nVidia, WinXP -- very like the one I almost bought at Circuit City, again the display copy. About $715 after rebate. No monitor (I've got my old Dell, a Trinitron), plus the Viewsonic.

The Office Depot supply room's lock was broken when I stopped in with Tara (lots of other customers affected as well), and when I returned after watching the CBS Evening News (story: UKers play finders keepers with shipping containers lost overboard), the locksmith had arrived.

Friend Gordon, a pillar of our Society, was also present. I felt a little defensive about my Quaker values, tried to reassure him I didn't just run out and self-indulgently upgrade at the drop of a hat.

No, Yeti Bubbles really had been devastating, made my KTU2 crazy (I did my little Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys imitation to show what that looked like). No icons under Network Connections for example. No ability to update from Microsoft (even with all licenses in order).

But I'd paid my dues in the penalty box (for well over a year), for being so goddamn stoopid.

Now I'm enjoying that "everything working" new computer experience. I grabbed 61 MB of upgrades right away. Next stop: Python 2.5 and a VPython to go with. I want to see what my Hypertoons look like with all this new hardware. Plus I'll have Java working again, PDFs...

KTU2 is not out of the picture though. I installed a Belkin wireless PCI card, plan to have it on the office LAN for awhile.

Advice to fellow geeks: yes, these mini-towers work well on the floor, but if your corner's a dust bowl the way mine is, consider keeping your box up on the desk. The new ones tend to be quieter, plus you'll have easier access to all those USB & memory card slots, DVD burner.

Time for a Red Bull. I have hours to go before I sleep. Which reminds me, was I supposed to be on jury duty today? I better call in tomorrow and reschedule if necessary. My bad.