Monday, January 15, 2007


I've started screenwriting for this show with this enigmatic name ~M!. The ~ stands for "logical not", and M for Mathematics, so it decodes: Mathematics... Not! (i.e. it's a not joke).

Part of the joke is we have lots of mathematics in it, like the HP4E stuff from Katrina Network, but we're always teasing by throwing in bits and pieces of the real world, more like Discovery Channel.

I'm hoping Disney will help sponsor, but at this point it's not much beyond the "pitch stage" in Hollywood. Part of the draw (as I showcase in the pilot) is we feature mathcasts by YouTubers, including teencasters (a global demographic).

I'm happy to get this out at odd hours when transponder time is cheap. Not trying to mainstream. ~M! is way too "geek channel" for most viewers, except maybe in Japan and Korea.

PS: the math-teach server @ Drexel is down right now, or I'd give you a sneak peak. Stay tuned.