Monday, January 08, 2007


So I was damn close to buying that AMD64x2, a loss leader at Circuit City yesterday, but not surprisingly they were out, and although the floor copy was mine at a discount, I'd have to forego any future free Vista upgrade. So I killed the deal. At least Kim and Jimmy found what they were looking for. We also checked Office Depot for post holiday pre Vista discounts.

I'm following Derek's advice, screening lots of candidates -- which includes buying a copy of CPU (Vol 7, Issue 1) to stimulate my lust reflex with glossy pictures (like check out that Asus Striker Extreme mobo on page 67).

In addition to KTU3, I've been submitting specs for the PKL network, however that's a hands-on lab for NGOs and GOs (i.e. public sector) wanting to simulate donor databases, home health monitoring ala CareWheels or whatever. Some of those workstations won't even need hard drives, ala K12LTSP.

Private industry won't get away with just a booth and some dog and pony show. Our simulators will put candidate software and hardware through their paces, so customers will have a "try before you buy" kind of experience. Lots of GNU, Linux, free and open source in this picture. We call it Studio How To, a spin off from my 1997 Project Renaissance initiative.

I envision KTU3 more as a personal productivity tool for just me and my usual back office 4D Solutions brand CP4E (computer programming) and HP4E (more geometrical) curriculum writing, of which I've already published a ton.

Although firewire is included in most candidates I'm screening, I'm not really supposing KTU3 would be a launch pad for the 4D Studios and/or Wanderers curriculum videos. Those'll more likely take advantage of the render farms, per the ToonTown model. KTU3 will allow me to keep previewing our pre-release inventory, as a member of various quality assurance teams.