Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Synergeo 30350

> Marx was not caught up by the idea of not being enough-
> in fact he wrote that in the future will be plenty- though
> he didn't show me the statements of Marx in this matter-

Fuller boils it down to a very simple equation in Critical Path: assuming not enough to go around (Malthusianism), we get LAWCAP (lawyer-capitalism) versus Marxist schools of thought (workers of the world unite), each claiming the competition wasn't pulling its own weight i.e. "our side" has the right to be on the top of the heap (presumably where you find the best access to scarce life support).

Per dumbed down Hegelianism (he never boiled it down to 'thesis - antithesis -> synthesis' the way they teach in grade school) we've since moved on.

Grunch is focused on artifacts and competitive marketing/ branding, but also on open source energy planning and modeling, publicly sharing lots of relevant global data (vs. keeping it classified the way Malthusians had to, cuz the news was so grim, at least for the majority of humans). World Game is still a competitive game, but our top teams don't easily stuff into 20th century pigeon-holes.