Sunday, November 26, 2006

Journey Home

Enroute back to Portland, we pulled off I-5 at Seattle's Northgate, to find our favorite Math 'n Stuff store on NE Roosevelt Way. The store will be moving soon, though perhaps not far.

In addition to some Christmas gifts, which I'm not going to write about, I invested in a second Cube-It! for myself, a toy of 24 colorful magnetic MITEs i.e. space-filling MInimum TEtrahedra of volume 1/8th in Buckminster Fuller's Synergetics.

Now that I have two of these puzzles, not only can I build the volume 3 cube, but the volume 6 rhombic dodecahedron as well, yay.

We'd hoped to visit the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Seattle Science Center, but the exhibit was sold out until evening, so we ascended the famous Space Needle instead.

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