Monday, August 21, 2006

More Grid Talk on Synergeo (#28405)

I think we're all ready to see civilian uses be the only uses for nuclear tech, i.e. all other uses will be criminalized and policed against, by agencies with real teeth.

I'm guessing that'll be the kind of symmetry Iran shoots for, in defending a moral high ground. Very old strategy: make hypocrisy expensive (exponentially so). Like, what's up with India?

I accept that we'll continue to have nuke plants for some time to come, but I hope of a better design than Trojan, others with microfracturing problems or whatever.[1] Chernobyl is a planetary disaster, viewable from space. Three Mile Island was probably closer than most realize.

The convection vaults sound a lot better, but I'm not close to the research.[2]


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