Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Darwin @ Home

journal + podcast
(photo by K. Urner)

Here I'm showing off my new (used) 60G iPod, purchased on eBay recently, and now home to Gerald de Jong's first draft of a mathcast about Fluidiom, which is evolving into his Darwin @ Home project.

You'll notice he's using an hexagonal floor pattern for his wobbling creature, which, although flat to the horizon, might nevertheless be imagined as a part of a much larger hexapent. Fluidiom actually uses such spherical planet aesthetics.

Here's a review of this mathcast I circulated, e.g. on Synergeo:
So I'm currently converting Gerald's excellent new mathcast to iPod format, so I can show it off (excerpts anyway -- it runs about 55 minutes) at parties and meetings. Like tonight, I'm listening to a mathematician @ Wanderers (Linus Pauling House, see

Gerald uses his time wisely, to explain in succinct and intelligible terms just what he's up to. The "talking head" segments build on each other, so if you miss it the first time, you'll have more chances again later. Plus you'll start building up a "depth dimension" which turns out to be a sophisticated investigation of aesthetic judgment versus machine intelligence, and the positive role for each in Darwin @ Home.

If I find this same video on Google Video or other facility offering easy capture to Myspace, I'll put a link from, as I already have for a couple other mathcasts (one by me, one out of Nashville).
The journal article in the background has been a hot topic for me, given the hexapent thread.