Tuesday, August 15, 2006


photo by Gerald Gilman

Excerpt from the new myspace/4dstudios website:
So both metaphysical nD-ism, and physio-energetic relativity (special and general), kept the 4D meme operational semi-autonomously from the U = (M)(P) = (4D)(F**3) synergetics meaning and namespace (F**3 signifies 3rd powering, and is canonically signified by a growing/shrinking tetrahedron, not a cube).
"nD-ism" refers to Coxeter-type hyper- or n-dimensional polytope geometry and/or multidimensional sphere packing. 4D has a specific meaning in this namespace.

"Physio-energetic relativity" refers to the Einsteinian type stuff. 4D means something different here. In his intro to Regular Polytopes [actually on page 119, KTU], H.S.M. Coxeter is keen to make this distinction.

Fuller designed yet a third namespace for the 4D meme, centered around his angle vs. frequency distinction. U = (M)(P) refers to the metaphysical (prefrequency) and physical makeup of Universe.

A lot of us anticipated a growing secondary literature as academia wrapped its mind around Synergetics and got up to speed on this interesting and alternative namespace by a leading 20th century inventor.

In the 30 years since its publication, that's barely happened (with notable exceptions), and we're now in the process of passing the torch to a next generation of buckaneer.

I like the term 4D++ for 4D-plus-frequency because it rhymes with C++, which added objects to the C language. When we add energy to primitive 4Dness, that's like instancing a type or template, as when making a for-real special case house and/or dwelling machine from a blueprint.