Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Information Harvesting

Alan Kay streaming from LA @ EuroPython
(CERN, Switzerland)

photo by Francois Schnell @ Flickr

This morning I'm checking a video blog with Part 1 of Alan Kay's keynote at Europython. The talk was itself streamed in real time from LA to CERN (Alan, recently back from Japan, was advised by his doctor to stay home).

I'm also sampling some Python411 news and teaching podcasts and mp3s (audio, no video -- Ron's talking about Alan's keynote at the moment), although I'm not using an iPod to do this.

Francois Schnell just viewed my Google Video presentation to Wanderers (about some aerospacey prototyping my subculture cares about), and came back with a Flickr photo of the Cornwall facility.

That led me to his Europython pix, including the one above (tagged as public). I'll email Dawn a link to his Tintagel slides.

And all this even before my morning coffee! The web, born at CERN, has come a long way in a few years.