Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

So what did I do for New Year's Eve?

I tuned in asynchronously to watch Cedric the Entertainer do his White House gig (press corps dinner, way back in April -- the same event where Laura gave her funny speech). Cedric sang Folgers In Your Cup to prove his sincerity about winning a spot on American Idol, did his "black Pope" impersonation.

I also taped the part of the Dec 12 PPS school board meeting wherein Koreducators got their charter school approved (I show up as an extra in that one).

A little before 9 PM PST, I flipped through the channels hoping to find Times Square and the New Years ball (a 3-frequency geodesic) but no station seemed to think a synchronous view would be profitable, not even as a short break between regularly scheduled fantasies. I tried the web cams but they were already overloaded.

My wife and I spent some quality time listening to fireworks as the odometer flipped. Tara spent the night at a friend's house nearby.

Earlier in the day I whipped up some new curriculum writing for my students at Winterhaven.


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Time to make coffee. And hey, let's take a look at my post of one year ago.