Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Happy Day

This was yer basic good day for me. My cousins (quite removed) Mary and Alice drove all the way from Seattle to visit us, and now are on their way back. Mary is the ER doctor, while Alice started a shipping service with her soon to be ex.

Derek scored a gas lawn mower from Weldon, who is moving to Oklahoma. I added Lawnmower Man (stupid but fun movie) to Edward Scissorhands (a more brilliant one), to my small repertoire of impersonations (inside joke: the juniper still looks like a phage).

We shared corn on the cob, salad, hummus and pita, on the back patio. It's a cool day. Then we visited the Rhododendron Garden, where Dawn and I got married. Bhutan has lots of rhodies, or whatever sacred names. I took this picture, knowing it'd fit well in my blog:

But even on a happy day, we don't get to forget about suffering, close to home, around the world. Gaza, out of the limelight, has become a metaphor for Darfur, even further shoved aside and so on. Malign neglect remains the order of the day.