Saturday, June 17, 2006

On The Job

For Father's Day weekend, I took Tara to work on Friday afternoon, while Liz tended to my wife, in need of transportation (still lugging 02). We visited my boss, also in the hospital, but a different hospital, more Evil looking (in the sense of Mordor -- Tara was going on about Sauron as we approached the parking garage (recently rennovated)).

I tried to show off my knowledge of inner secrets by doing the combination lock on the hallway door in LL, but flubbed it, requiring a knock. Shawnna let us in (she's slender and attractive, in a ring wraithey kinda way). By the way, I may change the names to protect the innocent, like Dewey Clarridge does when writing about Nepal.

In my office, which doubles as a conference room (with multi-way speaker phone) when I'm not there, we look over my scribbles on the white board (John's MIRV is gone -- a name collision with the Pentagon's). This time it's all about Oracle's relational database framework and SQL engine, which I've also lugged a book about in my OSCON bag, purchased recently at Powell's.

Tara and I then adjourned to the cafeteria for a late lunch, me forgetting how soon we were to having the Friends-provided dinner @ home with mom (that later proved to be excellent). We ate salads and self-serve ice cream. Tara took too much, so I had to finish hers (mint). I went with coffee (both as in the ice cream flavor and as in the real deal). We ate outside, between towering ramparts.

Vicki, my coworker (we have the same boss) had answered the datetime question. op_date > {ts 06-05-05 12:00:00} or like that. So I was able to build a fairly fancy new query with that, and have it run on the Oracle engine instead of on FoxPro locally (the objective of this experiment).

We took Hwy 217 to Allen Blvd then on through Multnomah Village (near my boyhood home, and Matt's) to help minimize traffic congestion. Although I was shooting for Barbur, I flubbed again ("screwed myself" as I told Liz on my cell) and routed onto the Terwilliger Curves (scary signs of trucks tipping over, centrifugal force, a kind of "pseudo-force" in physics they tell me (like an inverse of angular momentum)).

Escaped onto Corbett, down Bancroft onto Kelly (drove passed an old CUE building, where I also did Fuller School stuff for EMO), and up over the Ross Island Bridge. We call this Bridge City sometimes, and last year, the Providence Bridge Pedal took in all ten.

All in all, it was a good Father's Day. Dawn had a lot of energy that evening. We also took in the The Truman Show, about some guy's worst paranoia coming true. A lot like The Matrix in some ways, and Anger Management.