Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I can't resist the snake oil title, given I won't see another 6/6/6 in my life time, plus I want to write about hexagons (six-sided).

I met with Patrick and Glenn today about the omnipresent hexagonal motif (like the Three Bees logo in that Constant Gardener movie). As Glenn points out, it's iconographic for info-, nano- and bio- technologies, a geometry of nature in some way (the bees are innocent of man's crimes).

Hexapent turtle shell
Chattanooga Aquarium
(photo by K. Urner)

Patrick had done a lot of Googling and was well aware of my Pythonic approach to geometry. Still, I take no credit for the static clip below. We need a large open source archive of more dynamic clips as well.

So how do Glenn's Global Matrix and my Global Data fit together? In science fiction that's sometimes hard to tell apart from science fact? Global data does look handsome on a hexapent. Somehow it seems a natural fit. Didn't the Klingons know this?

We brainstormed a child's toy or planner's game: hexagonal tiles represent eco-village components; assemble to suit your eco-surroundings, your specific land- and/or sea- and/or air and/or space scape (could be computer graphical, could be cardboard -- could be made to look like cardboard, but on a computer).