Thursday, November 18, 2004

Office Party

We celebrated my boss's 30 years of service today. That's a long time. Lots of reminiscing. I joined this crew in the late 1980s, but in a different division, and across the street. Lots of different pizzas -- the good stuff, gourmet -- and salad, cookies, diet pop.

I didn't bring back the giant cancer basket because I was on the train today and didn't want to look like Little Red Riding Hood -- or the wolf who ate her.

On the floor: a box full of dolls (no barbies). A staff member had started a collection, having learned through her church that Marines were running out of toys for girls -- still plenty of soccer balls for boys apparently (girls can't play soccer?). Had we known, my daughter would have certainly donated some Beanie Babies, of which she has quite the collection.

Not everyone there knew me by sight, maybe just from paperwork, so I got introduced by my boss a few times as 4D Solutions, which was fun.

I forgot my digital camera, but others had them. Lots of pictures were taken. I hope to get copies.

I saw stuff about pCraft and MIRV on the whiteboard in the conference room, now being used for the pizza buffet. I'd intended to get some work done out there today, but that just wasn't practical, given we'd become such party animals.

No problem. Besides, I had a major shipment to take care of before 4:30 PM.

Fortunately for me, the trains were running on time.