Friday, March 31, 2006

Chattanooga, TN

The people of Chattanooga have done fine job of organizing a network of attractions for their visitors. Electric buses ply the main thoroughfare, connecting the pedestrian-friendly riverfront, with its world class aquarium and art museum, to hotels and theaters.

Lookout Mountain, for which the city is named (a mispronun- ciation of the Cherokee) sports no less than three major attractions: an inclined railway (aka funicular), an underground waterfall, and a rock garden overlook (which we skipped -- one can't see everything, and besides, it's in Georgia).

We stayed in the historical Sheraton Read House enjoying all the amenities: pool, gym and wifi in the rooms. I was able to keep up with my curriculum writing, Dawn with her bookkeeping. Alexia and Tara kept up with their emails.

The Cracker Barrel store and restaurant chain does a fine breakfast menu, with much of the revenue going to support the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville through advertising. Southern cooking supporting country music: a positive synergy if there ever was one. Dawn pitches for Bob Evans, a sister chain.

Off the beaten path: Dragon Dreams, a museum and gift shop devoted to all things dragonesque. Tara and Alexia (sisters, ages 11 and 27) really loved this store. We all did. Recommended.