Friday, March 31, 2006

Returning to PDX

The family is busy reintegrating into the Portland scene, which means touching base with many favorite networks, eating establishments, haunts. Plus resting. We've been up since 1 AM, Portland time, and on the go ever since.

We literally walked off the plane from Nashville (Frontier operates a fine Airbus service) , across the hallway, and onto the connecting flight into PDX. We were somewhat surprised our bags also made it (I pictured Byzantine basement conveyor systems running under the Denver airport, bags routed hither and yon, like something from a Wallace and Gromit movie -- but probably they just drove 'em over a few planes on that bags truck).

Another site we much appreciated: the Jack Daniels distillery. My family displayed a surprising interest in this side trip, about 20 miles south of I-24, exit 111 (follow signs to Lynchburg). Of course I was just as eager to go along, and indeed the tour was an eye-opener. This is a very tightly run operation, pure and simple. Even though my Quaker denominator would suggest I'd be anti-liquor, the fact is Quakers took the same approach with chocolate, just as addictive, and just as likely to make you fat (a leading cause of death in today's America). So I'm no "holier than thou guy" on this issue. I take my hat off to the master brewers and tasters of Tennessee (with no disrespect to other distilleries we didn't get to visit -- I know there's more than one in those parts).

Great to be back in Portland. Wanderers right away. I gave Glenn some guff on the hexapent issue.