Friday, March 03, 2006

Cocktail Party

Saturday Academy hosted a "celebrate the instructors" event at Bluehour on Everett, twixt 12th and 13th NW this Thursday night. I finally met Kent Anderson, the veteran C language instructor, and James Zaleski, the Flash instructor.

Plus Noah Kleiman was there from Old Library Studio. Musician Jimmy Lott and I had just been in a training session with him the night before, on open source multi-track (Audicity & plug-ins mostly, although the studio itself uses higher end stuff). Small town.

James, the Flash guy, has been working with the Beaverton police on youth outreach (teaching Flash) and showed some student work. Impressive. Also, Joyce Creswell, SA Executive Director (and Wanderer) screened a little pro-SA piece, which I suggested we get uploaded as a Google Video (if that ever happens, I'll add a link from this post).

This morning, I got an invite to join Shuttleworth Foundation in London in mid-April. Checking airlines, I'm not seeing a way to get back in time for my April 15 SA class. On the other hand, I'd dearly love to meet these people. On the other hand, I have no travel budget for events like this (Catalina and Nashville were family; had to pass on G4G7 in Atlanta, a disappointment). On the other hand, I could ask for assistance. On the other hand, I'm used to not getting much (I made my career helping not-for-profits, mostly, so I'm not rolling in dough). E.J. Applewhite tried to get me a Guggenheim at one point, but was turned away (he was pissed about that).

Note: we're paying like $1100 to have some of Tara's teeth extracted today, plus I'm buying her an iPod for enduring the experience (she's wanted one for a long time). So it's not like we're really impoverished or anything, just typical middle income (per USA standard). Looks like we owe about $8K in taxes this year (mostly for social security). Plus I identify as a capitalist, meaning (in my case anyway) that I've internalized vast assets and manage them, both personally and precessionally.