Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More Office Chatter

So the remanufactured Brother MFC-8840D arrived on time, via UPS. I swapped it out for the previous one, which is slated for duty in another TBC office, and now I need to run some tests, starting with color scanning (or maybe a fax'll come in, and print double-sided).

Mom phoned this morning and requested some albums by mail. I don't know when I'll be seeing some of these pictures again, so this is an ideal time to be testing some new equipment.

Of interest: will Windows be smart enough to recycle the old software drivers, or will I need to reinstall from the CD? Answer: Windows was almost smart enough; maybe I was the problem.

Blogger is having problems accepting photographs this afternoon.

So here're the first scans: Mom doing her Mother Teresa thing in Bangladesh, except her students weren't half dead (just divorced, which can amount to the same thing in that culture); Dad with Thimphu in the background, in front of the family digs with the dog.

Chronologically, the lower picture comes later, as the stint in Dhaka came earlier. The parental trajectory went something this: Seattle, DC, Chicago, Portland, Rome, DC, Manila, Cairo, Dhaka, DC, Thimphu, Lesotho. I peeled off in Manila, and did Princeton, Cairo (twice), Jersey City, DC, New York, Dhaka, Portland, Thimphu (3x), Lesotho (3x). That's a greatly simplified picture (like, my sister has another trajectory yet).

I scanned these to DLW, thence to Tara's laptop by mistake (she must have left it on), thence to TMU2, from whence I grabbed it using KTU2 (the troll-damaged, dual-monitor jobber, where I do a lot of my picture editing). I cropped and rotated using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0.