Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Asylum City

Back in the day, futurism, a subclass of science fiction, included so-called "mega-projects" by which was meant more than just more skyscrapers.

Whole cities might be planned and built according to plan, implementing smart house and grid technologies.

Whether jet packs were involved is up for grabs, but definitely people movers.  A passenger would be delivered to a dialed-in destination without having to do any skilled driving.

Many big airports have these today, as trains connecting terminals.  Elevators are also people movers.  Neither of these is quite as private as the private car, not yet driverless.

Today, many civilizations have imploded or are imploding, meaning the individuals trying to make their way in these societies may be in need of rescue.  We recognize physical disasters but some of the most acute are man-made.

A global network of Asylum Cities, geared to take a steady influx of people needing to start over, would provide cyber-identities that were difficult to steal and easy enough to manage in shared memory.  Services such as healthcare and education would be provided.

One imagines people flocking to these cities even if well-provided for, however the familiarity of the known means less stress and less coping.  Undertaking a brand new life in Asylum City is both work and a workout.

Valid identities that do not stipulate nationhood, at least at first, might be a first step.  Having no documents proving citizenship need not result in random assignment.  Feel free to move about, at least in Asylum Network, even minus a recognized homeland or nation.

As of this writing, Turkey is in turmoil, with massive layoffs amidst high levels of distrust.  The need the New World served, in terms of receiving refugees, is still a need, even if no world is new anymore.  Venezuela, South Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Libya... much of the world is falling apart.

Now that we're very clear on the finitude of our planet, it makes sense to sustain high living standards for as many as possible, as a best way of avoiding wars.