Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wanderers 2010.9.14

Jon Bunce is explaining his derivation of the synergetics constant, based on my presentation on Martian Math awhile back. David Tver has joined us, and Trish, a former student of Don Wardwell's. Jeff is working a Javascript gig, injecting more AJAX into some gnarly library.

The PSF Snake (Naga) came along for a photo op. I know that seems frivolous and many wonder why I bother. Anthropologists may be more forgiving in hindsight.

Was I productive today?

I made some follow-up contact with two of my clients. Actually, one was a client of a client, but that's OK.

Does anyone care if there's fast food in Havana? What a luxury it'd be, to get away from ugly strip malls. Some cities should remain blissfully free, of large outdoor billboard advertising as well.

I've been listening to Fidel, agree with his remarks in Iran: studying the holocaust in Europe is more productive than trying to sweep it under the rug. There's no point coming off as ignorant. Edwin Black's War Against the Weak is also a good read (available in Farsi?).

I've got several of Edwin's books on hold through the library. The Multnomah County library system is truly excellent in my opinion.

There's a fine line between "denying" and simply "ignoring", easily crossed.

David Tver is talking about IBM and the holocaust, a recent thread on the Wanderers list (initiated by me). Some curricula visit this chapter more than others, perhaps when introducing SQL (Structured Query Language), the successor to simpler tabulation machines.

A more recent story, less horrendous, involves Russian security services ostensibly cracking down on pirate users of Windows, in this case some opponents of polluting industries and their political allies (similar to Greenpeace).

Thanks to all the negative publicity, Microsoft is backing away from cooperating with these services, by issuing a blanket license to the supposedly offending nonprofits. The latter claim they were using non-pirate copies to begin with, having anticipated this kind of harrassment by the police state authorities.