Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Tuesday Night Wanderings

David Tver presented on the number line last night, meaning the so-called real numbers and their breakdown into rationals and irrationals, with the latter forking into algebraic and transcendental numbers. He reviewed Cantor's notion of "countability" as well.

His foray into Ramanujan's "almost integers" such as e**(pi*sqrt(163)) gave me an idea for my upcoming Saturday Academy class.

I was glad to reconnect with Wanderers after my short absence. Jim had some souvenir desert rocks from the Libyan police. Glenn gave me a vintage Spirograph, in good condition, for Tara. Bob McGown recounted some African meteorite adventures. Barry talked about boat hull formation through vacuum-assisted resin injection.

I left a bit early, per plan, in order to get the projector and laptop set up. The rest of the family, including Sam, visiting from over the mountains, had gone out to Old Wives Tales for dinner. When they got back, we watched all the digital slides from our recent Tennessee trip, plus my London trip.

On today's agenda: get a new string of Tibetan prayer flags for the back yard (the old ones are in tatters).