Thursday, September 02, 2010

FNB Food Prep

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Lew Scholl, clerk of Property Management, is yakking in the kitchen with Lindsey and Cera. They're talking about New Thought churches. I'd been out running an errand, though I'm nominally supervising this event, as the key bearer.

There's a conference call on speaker phone going, regarding Quarterly Meeting planning. Food security, urban farming, CSAs... these are themes this year. Lindsey knows a lot of the CSA groups and is coordinating with Joyce on a possible interface, perhaps here in the social hall (where I'm blogging from).

Betsey Kenworthy, now Assistant Clerk of the Meeting, was by earlier and got to meet Cera and Satya when they showed up. Jan Kjerne was here as well. Another FNB volunteer came through with some additional food contributions.

The group brings the food on bicycle trailer, preps it, then pulls it off to be served in a public location not far away. I've participated in the operation, so know some of the ropes.

Lew and I went around testing our laptops, to see if the wifi's radius has improved.

Lew has a new Youtube up about the Quaker Youth Pilgrimage, which recently stopped through, and took over the meetinghouse. I missed being there at any point, so was glad to catch this video.

FNB (Food Not Bombs) is good at logistics, has been doing this for years. There's an Episcopalian congregation helping out as well. Satya is a Buddhist monk.