Thursday, September 30, 2010

Switchboard Activity

I've been posting up a storm on the Math Forum and need to provide some "supply chains" (links). I also posted something to Synergeo reiterating our thinking about the 7.5 volumed rhombic triacontahedron (what I've elsewhere dubbed the "NCLB polyhedron" -- regardless of volume).

I was up early for surprise chauffeur duty, for the global U student we're gladly hosting as a welcoming Quaker family. She's disciplined herself to not use her car (dubbed the "torture taxi") except for medical emergencies, and this was one of those times.

No health coverage, just an "average American" and a brilliant leader in my book, a brave and free spirit (yes, many people own those qualities, I recognize).

I've got the FNB trailer if you're out there reading this, and wonder where it is. I have limited contact information, as you might expect. I started an email thread with Satya and Cera, but they may be outta town.

As it turned out Satya and Cera were just recently back in town and Cera showed up at the meetinghouse to take charge of the cooking (she's an experienced cook, had just been serving as chef at a Zen retreat closer to the coast).

At the park, I experienced a small world moment as it turned out Satya used to live across the street from Alex, son of Aung San Suu Kyi and Micheal Aris, author of several books on Bhutan (where my parents used to live).

Lindsey is coordinating with Lew on the phone about that Quarterly Meeting interest group. Even if she can't lead it herself, the show must go on.