Sunday, May 02, 2010

Civil Action

We're checking in at the start of our Oversight Committee meeting. I declared my plan to get Tara to St. Francis dining hall, for First Day community service.

Peter offered to drive us, meaning I won't need to use the "torture taxi" (Nissan Maxima).

Lindsey and I compete to not burn peak oil unnecessarily. Transporting heavy equipment (e.g. the Bose Tower) and trips to the ER are the two exceptions she makes for herself.

My client for private lessons tomorrow (in the piano room) is willing to bicycle to my side of the river, which I appreciate -- way better than either of us driving. We're studying scientific computing with Python.

The oil spill is taking up bandwidth at Meeting this morning. Sonya wanted more details. Our Sunday Morning Adult Discussion (SMAD) was on the topic of fear, though Mendel was mostly mocking the fear-mongers, many of them TV personalities.

While Tara works at St. Francis, my hope is to interview some of the principals engaged in civil disobedience at Washington School. I need to grab my camera.

I've already met some of these people through Radical Women and Vegans not Pigs.

As it turned out, Vasu Dev aka Dru Jones was at the site. He didn't know me and my bona fides only went so far, but he let me take his picture while he spoke of the inspiring meetings at the camp the night before. Although the police had patrolled quite a bit, no force had been applied.

Dru sees Washington School as a future part of ToonTown, meaning he thinks in terms of storyboards and animations, had been to school in these subjects (also mask making). His bicycle with trailer was clearly labeled Food Not Bombs, and he knew Darren was leaving.

Perhaps I'll catch up with Ibrahim later. Dru says he was a strong presence in the meeting.

Dru Jones
Dru Jones