Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Tech Talk

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Thanks to the new O'Reilly book coming in the mail, Using Google App Engine by Charles "Dr. Chuck" Severance, me named as a technical reviewer, I'm galvanized to do technical reviews all over the place.

I dove into comparing and contrasting two approaches on O'Reilly's Safari, to Python descriptors, clearly favoring David Beazely's approach. I also dove into itertools again, showing yet another way to define Cayley Tables of totatives for simple algebra-teaching purposes.

Glenn recommends Rodney Strong chardonnay as a good buy, and given I'm joining some emeritus types for a luncheon, I thought I'd be socially adept and actually bring a bottle of something, drink the whole thing in front of 'em (joke).

Then come some additional visitations, with R&R on the weekend, in some tame game Victorian salon (no, not Chuckie Cheese) maybe do a séance? As long as we don't talk about Darwin I should be able to handle it (I have nothing against Darwin mind you, am allied with the Catholics in thinking DNA is OK -- we're open minded that way).

What are the barriers to more intelligent commercials? I have that vodka one planned, could repurpose it, other clever storyboards, but then I'm not Weiden + Kennedy.

Why don't pharmacologists want more icosahedral virus cartoons, about H1N1 or whatever?

What's the hold-up on 1, 12, 42, 92... making its way into children's books about great all-American inventors, such as Alexander Graham Bell?

Why is NCLB still a sick joke in so many zip codes?

These are some questions to investigate this summer. I should talk to people in Salem more, as maybe it's mostly just a matter of joining the right lobbying groups?

A lunch topic perhaps? OK, time to go buy that bottle of wine, maybe some goat cheese to go with it.

Note: Don phoned to say he saw an article in Willamette Week saying LEP High was given a three year extension. My evening appointment got canceled. Maybe watch CBS News, take Tink for a ride?

Followup: yes, rode Tink. Found out later I didn't get Glenn's favorite Rodney Strong, has to say Cliff Hill on the label, so that's still ahead of me.