Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PPUG 2009.4.14

I gave the opening lighting talk, testing some of my newfound Python skills, like saying WTF a few times, OK once maybe. We streamed out to a few onlookers who couldn't make it this time, a similar setup to Jeff's at Pauling House.

I told the story of my rant regarding the Red Cross web site, pitching Cubespace as a source of real talent in Oregon, ready to help out with relevant skills galore. That's probably a true statement, but the devil is in the details, I admit. I should interrupt myself here: Red Cross was quite responsive and professional about my negative feedback below.

Michel presented on the dis module, rallied the troops to cough up a volunteer for next month's show & tell. We got one, a noob (doesn't mean inexperienced).

Bret went over his many experiences at Pycon, Jason following with a look at his upgraded shell slash presenter, a kind of poor man's Crunchy, brilliant and spare.

Michelle shared some great pictures, then pitched her idea of working together on a new blog for our user group. Lets all squeeze into a beer bar and hack up a storm. She's a born leader.

Someone asked what was the best talk at Pycon. Bret liked extensions in C, I mentioned Designing Django which I caught after the fact (did catch Django in the Real World at the venue).

Now it's time to raffle off the OS Bridge ticket. Chris Pitzer wins.

I think we should look for sister user groups around the world and contact them, exchange a few memes, Python-related of course.

There's free beer in the kitchen, 65% foam but still tasty.

I'd've loved to stick with Michelle's web site development project, maybe pick that up later? My two inputs in the meeting: host from Uzbekistan, just for fun, and get some vodka company as a sponsor, to help pay for our parties. Just a thought.

Wanderers has a medical doctor on tap for this evening, and if I haul ass I might just catch the tail end of it. It's a public policy discussion.

I like getting doctor perspectives -- a horse's mouth kind of thing. Is it true that a third of the kids in Newark are on Ritalin? I should ask Julie Steele.