Thursday, April 16, 2009

M&O 2009.4.16

Most of what goes on in a Quaker M&O committee is confidential, and a Friendly journal off to the side is in no way a substitute for meeting minutes, even if said Friend was present for said proceedings, so let's be clear I'm not minuting our meeting in this context (April 16, upstairs meeting room, Peter Ford clerking based on Maye's agenda and notes).

That being said, since we were looking at a draft State of Society report, soon to be part of the record, I'll comment about my own comment: might we wish to say more about Qs using Facebook, Twitter, blogs, other social networking tools?

Lots of us are doing it and are finding it a congenial way to keep some of our younger members in our community (hi Rachael, Finnian, Estili, Luci... Kathy). We experience other benefits as well.

I'm grateful for these tiny windows, these interweaving storyboards.

These are gifts of the Spirit we collectively and/or synergetically dreamed into existence (prayed for), or at least that's been my experience, going back to IGC, CompuServ, even a guest account on the NJIT system through a terminal at St. Peter's College.

I never got into Fidonet much, though I did enjoy getting lists of local BBSs and trying those out (300K, 1200K...).

I wonder if I might find a "modem noise" as a playable sound file. Yep, took just a few minutes, embedded below: