Thursday, December 25, 2008

Swiss Christmas

Swiss Christmas
Mom scored some pretty cool booty in Geneva, giving our Portland white Christmas just the right flavor.

Greetings to family in Whittier, Clarksville (thanks for the T-shirt!), Rochester, Pennsylvania, high desert, I-5 corridor, to Victoria and family in Vancouver, BC. Signal flare to scattered friends in our Global U (e.g. GS Rao in India).

Rose Owen is still our guest, since the Solstice Party, owing to snow.

Christmas greetings to the Riggs family, courageous and brilliant.

Tara gave me Britney's newest album, which I immediately set to playing. Spaghetti Factory? Dunno, it's starting to come down again...

Hawthorne was mostly shut tight come nightfall, but Fujin was going gangbusters. Becky and her family are truly kind and hard working. Tara give our Chinese Christmas dinner very positive review.