Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Late Night Notes

Django derives from a fast paced newsroom, archiving to the web, with teaching examples Reporter and Article.

I just planted a Subversion trunk on my laptop, in the process of following a book on Safari: Sams Teach Yourself Django in 24 Hours (already somewhat dated), other documentation. I've posted some notes showing some of my progress.

Partners are really busy these days. Lots of wheels turning. Lots on our plates.

I shared with Gordon about the fun geometry debate I'm having, about a triangle.

It's time to focus more concertedly on skills-building -- skipping Wanderers today, just too far behind. Feels like college, all nighters expected.

New Tax Cut in the mail today.

The TV news was violent and grim tonight, about drug wars. Latter day Prohibition is taking its toll, with Mexico becoming a police state versus crime families, like gangland Chicago in the early 1900s.

I signaled an interest in bidding on an RFP this evening, just learned about it, a looming deadline, a former client with mostly new staff by now, different technologies.

Xmas shopping a must today as well, Solstice and Hanuka parties upcoming (including at our place).

Julian's art to be featured on OPB, on December 18 and 21.

Earth's magneto-sphere has bigger holes than expected, lets more particles in when north-polarized -- a surprising finding we're told.

Our thanks to friends and family for all the cards (most of you don't bother with my blogs, I realize, like who has the time?).

Hello to Sam and Judy, I need to send you some email too. Merry Christmas!

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