Friday, December 05, 2008

Repeal Day!

Free Show
Today Portland celebrates an anniversary: the repeal of Prohibition. A tyrannical and puritanical subculture sought to impose its way of life on every free American, subverting the promises of our nation.

We're so glad their rule was brought to an end, may it never be repeated. Smart marketing by Dewar's.

I'll journal something in Facebook, where I keep company with my Quakers.

The Sooner the Better
Mom is getting ready for her southern migration. Tara is getting a new outfit for her debating team debut. Me: I definitely need a haircut. Bishops looked pretty full though, ended up at The Bagdad, chatting with Glenn.

Homeland Guantanamos : a fun game-like approach to a serious situation, thanks to Jim Morrissett for the link.

World Game 2.0
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