Friday, May 02, 2008

Old Friends

I was happy to reconnect with Seth Tuska, friend from Rome days, via Facebook. He's been working on a website about his dad, an accomplished artist (as I knew at the time).

Congratulations to Dave Koski, who won journeyman status yesterday, is no longer an apprentice, in HVAC engineering.

I was also glad to hear from Kirk Petersen again recently, my 2D buddy from Princeton.

G.S. Rao wrote from Mangalore, having left Bhutan. I interned with him at RICB in Thimpu and Phuntsholing back in the 1980s.

Adam Bellow (also Princeton) has a new email address.

Glenn's movie is enqueued, has a website.

I wrote about Arthur today.

Go Wayne -- he sent me another ADA Build it Right memo.