Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Catching Up Over Coffee

I'm at Fine Grind getting my morning buzz, today Derek telling me about Mythbuntu, which I didn't know about.

I spent the morning distancing myself from some of the things other Quakers are doing, living up to their reputation as "protestants" i.e. people who protest a lot.

Fortunately, Friends have a long history of networking more constructively, aren't just into tearing down. I'm pleased how it's going in Portland for example, lots of meetings about how to best assist the most needy, especially in the education sector.

My Saturday Academy work is starting to pay off, in terms of our public school teachers paying more attention, getting excited about their prospects in a world class high tech capital.

Derek and I talk home economics a lot, which is more about energy and metering than most people realize, given the subject got dropped for no good reason, from Portland Public Schools.

Call it something else if you like, but this intersection of food prep, energy budgeting, investing in durable goods, home edutainment, is what everyday living is all about. To cut that out of the schools was a terrible idea, wonder who thought of it.

Of course today, knowing about energy grids and programmable home entertainment devices, social networking software is part of what's to know. How're you gonna have that dinner party or planning meeting if you're not up on Facebook or Twitter or any of those?

Those are some of the skills Quakers might share, especially if generation Y, but others too if you're lucky enough to get into one of our schools.

My business model involves pumping it out there (useful curriculum stuff, lots of it open source), sometimes through coffee shops, directly to laptops.