Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Posting from my XO

I'm blogging from my OLPC XO this morning, starting early with staff. I can't believe Stallman was thinking of using this, as these keys are definitely not for big people -- but maybe with a USB keyboard?

Tara is doing well in school, per last night's parent teacher conferences, especially in chemistry, although we didn't get time to visit with each teacher. I mentioned to her geometry teacher something about adding V + F = E + 2 to state standards.

I have two meetings with Quakers on my plate for today, plus some chauffeuring. Razz may need a lube job in prep for points north, will run some diagnostics. I'm missing my Lanahan Dark Matter (a flextegrity prototype), last seen on the boat, which got me thinking of another possible Fine Grind Production, ran it by Jody this morning.

Sam, I'll be sending you some email.