Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wendy and Lucy (movie review)

Michelle Williams delivers this hauntingly sad performance of a dear and weary girl amidst a desolate, bleak world. She becomes separated from her dog, her closest friend.

The camera is maybe not as interested as we are sometimes, adding to the loneliness of this vista.

The writer, present at the showing, along with a producer (director not present, but serving as a judge of NW Film Festival shorts) lives in the same area of North Portland in which much of this was filmed (as did my movie going companion), on a 19 day budget.

The Walgreens on Lombard, yep, that's the one. Other parts filmed in Astoria.

Trains belong in this film and are here aplenty, a real America, dangerous still, love her lots. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the talent behind this film, including the lead male (security guard), and Lucy (the dog) as herself.

The camera lingers past dog cages at the pound, Wendy's jail experience not dissimilar. We're aware of beautiful animals on both sides of these bars.