Tuesday, April 08, 2008

sa: @ 25

:: swag ::
My thanks to the law firm which hosted me, a Saturday Academy instructor, at the annual fund raising event at the Oregon Zoo today (my donation on Visa).

We heard two very heartfelt speeches, one from a daughter who'd discovered her love of chemistry, having worked with a pro, a Sister on faculty at the University of Portland, and one from a proud dad reflecting on his son, who'd not been challenged in high school, but who found in computer science a real calling, again thanks to Saturday Academy's internship programs.

Still high off Pycon Chicago, I came with some swag, which I distributed strategically at our table.

Speaking of Python, said language is much in the news this morning, as Google is unveiling its new beta engine for building webapps.

I've joined the ranks of developers, have plans to serve my little CGI script for the I Ching, more as a demo of Unicode than anything, and to finish getting 4D Studios booted in this intriguing new context.

Anyway, everything is very Pythonic in this new Google- engineered environment.

Taxes look easy enough this year, but I'm still collecting the data and paperwork from various computer systems scattered around.

Dawn's bookkeeping savvy in this area is greatly missed, but it's not like she never showed me the ropes.

Portland's emerging open source business community has been supportive as well, in terms of providing advice and free auditing.

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