Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Python Briefing

My Python Briefing concept has a lot of market potential, but lest I bite off more than I can chew, I'm being pretty open about the business model.

My target demographic is math teachers, but Glenn is thinking no reason to be so restrictive, and yes, if we have a stable of presenters, we'll be able to serve more groups than just the one.

I'm mostly not recruiting computer science professors with a reason: my goal is to inspire imitators, and at the high school level a lot of the computer teachers have come up through the ranks, might've been gym teachers, don't necessarily have a college level degree in that field. "No problem" I'm saying, "we'll take you where you want to go anyway" (shades of Microsoft's advertising).

Given my focus, I've got all these GnuMath memes in play, like I'm wanting to have geometry tables in SQLite (a light weight and free SQL engine) pulling rows from within Python's scaffolding and projecting colorful polyhedra on screen, aiming to be up front with the eye candy (this is a dog and pony show after all).

If teachers like the performance, think we might be sympatico, then I'm happy to offer more follow-up experiences from our catalog, including customized trainings, retreat weekends etc. The briefing itself is short, to the point, and pretty much free (except I'm not offering to eat a lot of travel & fuel costs either, would still need my sponsors at least).

Speaking of sponsors, we might get more of those for the bizmos, as we keep moving in that direction per my long term plans. The question of "what decals?" is an old one by now, as is the topic of product placement more generally.

As a Fuller Schooler, it's a lot about artifacts, and of course we want to show these in action, so it makes sense we'd be thinking "what brands?" right from the get go. Like, who's into "extreme remote livingy" (XRL) technology already? That's one place to start. We want our students to see the stars, without too much light pollution getting in the way.