Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Political Remarks

To the Wanderers, I wrote:
I think people are being awfully mean to this Palin character. John's using her to get the XX vote, said so himself, and she's trying to rise to the occasion, having been put in a somewhat impossible position by her party. She's giving it her best shot. [2851]
By "mean" I don't mean Katie's sharp questioning of Sarah and other key players, which is both welcome and professional. I'm talking about a lot of the shrill ugliness, typical of American politics.

Speaking of ugliness, I posted the following to Quaker-P, regarding the recent incident at George Fox College:
Some of the more paranoid alumni suspect the work of agent provocateurs i.e. campus outsiders trying to get some negative spin going on Quakers, hit 'em where they live.

I suspect ordinary students behind the deed, given the aforesaid history and the fact that you don't have to profess Quaker values to gain admittance to said prestigious academy.

Anyway, the FBI is working on it, will maybe find out something.