Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunny Day

I just had a productive meeting about AFSC stuff at the Bagdad on Hawthorne, followed by a quick pit stop at Pauling House.

Quakers are celebrating California's court ruling today, gay marriage is legal. Often a good sign, when mainstream culture starts catching up to Friends.

We'd been promised this sunny weather a few days ago and thanks to better data and modeling, the forecast was spot on. Drove mom to PDX this morning, after being snarly with the math teachers again (they're used to it by now).

I cashed the Saturday Academy check last night, thank you.

And thanks to Glenn Stockton for a copy of Leon Lederman's comments, May 10, Science News, about how a better science education will be critical to the future of humankind -- not really news, but the truth bears repeating. Quakers love science, take after Muslims in that way.

Speaking of Muslims, I really enjoyed Glenn Baker's Stand Up, broadcast on national TV this last First Day. Here's what I said in an email:
I liked the camera work, glint on the sunglasses (Ahmed Ahmed), angle shots in Hollywood, where I’ve been recently, felt familiar (sunny), with comedy scene more night shots, sudden pull backs, great close ups of the talent.

Love the cerebral palsy Jersey girl, bet you do too, in part given how the Jersey City chapter plays a role in my psyche to this day, leaves a soft spot for Jersey girls.
At Willamette Quarterly Meeting planning meeting last night, we came up with The Future of Friends as a topic. Our relationship with AFSC will be a focus, along with the new NPYM Faith and Practice, still in the works.