Saturday, May 03, 2008

Political Comment

Whereas I understand the popular sentiment that it can't be helping the Democrats to not be able to make up their minds, against an outwardly unified Republican opposition, still, it's very cool that two talented individuals a whole standard deviation away from "standard white male," in terms of gender, ethnicity (confused with race), are neck and neck for this highly prized presidency (one of many, but a good one).

This proves the North American imagination is not so narrow as some had feared, that we're able to look past inessentials, to "that of God within" as we Quakers say (or "of Goddess" if we prefer). We're looking for leadership, are pretty good at finding it, thanks to this ability to overcome our own prejudices (slowly, too slowly, yet surely).

McCain too is a standard deviation or two away from standard of course, as that "white male" moniker is itself deceptive; we're lots of different animals under the hood (takes one to know one, right?).