Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Followup on Funding

So far, it's looking fairly likely that I'll be doing the gigs in London (Shuttleworth Foundation) and CERN (EuroPython).

The first is a brainstorming and summit, aimed at defining a curriculum pipeline for South Africans (one of several no doubt), featuring Logo | Squeak | Python. Or at least that's the present picture.

As I stated on edu-sig, that's a Turtle, a Mouse, and a Snake. Some say Python refers to a comedy troupe, but I say "it ate Monty" (funny).

The second is to be staged at the home of W3, i.e. at the birthplace of the web. Hypertext is one of those developments I used to rave about, long before it happened, thanks to Ted Nelson's Computer Lib / Dream Machines (now a collectible), plus some brain- storming of my own. Then Tim Berners-Lee came along and simply made it happen.

The fact that I've been on target before about something positive, as a futurist, keeps me thinking I might still be on to something with my brand of positive futurism, even these many years later, even today.

I was even in The Oregonian a couple of times, anticipating hypertext kiosks and more use of the Fuller Projection.

Anyway, productive day. I got some hospital work done, coordinated with employers.

Saturday Academy gave a green light to the London trip, even if that means changes to our schedule. I'll be a more interesting and effective teacher, to the extent I'm able to bring back insights about how things are going in technology and education world.

Quakers seem OK with my missing FGC in Tacoma this year. Although it's a big deal for Friends General Conference to come this far west, I'll plan to rejoin it back east at some point. A memory from 1983: the day I learned Bucky died, I was enroute to this very gathering -- read about it in the car, in The Washington Post, and cried.

And by the way, I sorta lied about being "not [used to] getting much [assistance]." I get and have gotten a lot of assistance, by very expert individuals who're good at what they do. I don't easily forget that. Yet sometimes I need to whine.