Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring Cleaning

Barry at Large

I'd planned on doing Barry's habitat cleanup yesterday, but that was action packed, as was today.  I had all the Chromebooks charging and retested the bum one in my trunk, ready for swapping.  It works if on a charger.  Taking that huge octopus of chargers just for the bum one would be a bummer.

Anyway, today Barry the python got his mouse and a cleaned up habitat.  Deke took pix, maybe some for Twitter, where he specializes.  I'm more a Facebook guy, and LinkedIn.  Today I continued the math-teach thread on "dot notation" using my LinkedIn profile as anchor point.

The fish got their new filter too, since Tropical Fish Hut on Division is one stop shopping, when it comes to Blue House pets.  Not cats or dogs in this chapter, just fish and a reptile.

I received a new shipment of Lux from the manufacturer.

Some may consider me a guy of loose morals if I admit to looking up to Lance Armstrong, long after it came out he was doping.  I understood his comeback from cancer was inspirational and that was fancy chemistry too.  I'm not saying I don't get it about rules and sports, I get it.

I realize a parallel Olympics wherein athletes were actually permitted to experiment with dangerous alchemy would border on the gladiatorial and voyeuristic.  That's the more lawless world outside the stadium, not what we'd put on TV under the heading of sports.  More like news.

Speaking of weather, it was cool but not raining this morning so I did my trek up Mt. Tabor, choosing the steeper stairs.  I call them "steeper stairs" as they gets steeper towards the top i.e. the 2nd derivative is not a flat line.  These stairs connect the bottom and mid-level reservoir (historic monuments; they were pressure washing the one of the castles, making it shinier).

Like Lance, I was patched back together by modern science, though with nothing so exotic as his treatments.  Yes I ride a bicycle sometimes.  No, I'm not racing, just peddling around looking at stuff, going places.

We had the python posing atop some C6XTY, after I'd hosed out his habitat, scrubbing it back to factory condition.  Deke's phone battery finally died.  Like I said, Barry got a mouse out of the deal, not just exercise, and lots to think about.

Speaking of C6XTY, part of the action yesterday, apart from the bum Chromebook (which the head office knows about, plans to swap), was a meetup with the Flextegrity inventor and founder.

The latest edition of Sam's book is hot off the press.  He's been conference boothing, taking C6XTY to the natives in several subcultures, most recently in New Orleans (lots of C60 chemists).

I'm writing curriculum a lot of the time, looking for ways to get Jupyter Notebooks pushed out to the schools.  Today's gambit was to suggest Language Arts pick up the ball, taking publishing as an on-ramp to coding through HTML + CSS.

Then comes Javascript and Daniel Shiffman, or whatever Youtube teachers (or whatever video service).  Classroom teachers get to do it 360, which our remote people do not (not yet, no VR 5G until 2020 and not every neighborhood is keen to be an EPCOT in that way).

I'm not trying to lay down any "must follow" track.  The LinkedIn article was about GNU Math and "dot notation".  I try to bring together the command line lovers, and the art world, as together they make math (a kind of music).  In that regard we often use "dot notation" to make stuff happen.