Monday, April 23, 2018

Bots versus Humans

If you stop and think about it for a bit, you'll realize the "bots versus humans" meme has many dimensions, starting with the invention of "corporate personhood" as championed in "whiteman law" (I call it that to invoke the Cowboys & Indians era).  Corporations, with their artificial motivation (as "moneymakers" for limited liability puppeteers), do not behave with the intelligence of humans, and so count as Bots of the legal kind.

However, the Bots we oft think of are the ones on Westworld, the TV show based on the movie with Yul Brynner.  The Bots are played by top notch human actors and are therefore human in every way (unlike the Corporations), except for the science fiction backstory, which draws from Isaac Asimov.

Human science is nowhere close to Westworld's level of technology, but Hollywood screenwriters aren't here to teach us the true state of the art.  That's the job of Silicon Valley more generally, to "fess up" that Sophia is not actually capable of going off script.  If she could, why would Amazon be pumping big bucks into making Alexa more conversational?

So what we have are Bots of the stupid kind (corporations, phony humans in legal fiction) getting behind Bots of the deceptive kind, to scare humans about how unnecessary they'll be.  Squeeze them out of the leisure class, so they have no time for work/study, and keep 'em desperate, willing to work for almost nothing.  That's what the Stupid Bots most need:  slaves.

So in a way, the Singularity is behind us in that Stupid Bots are creating tyranny by scaring people with their puppet deceptions.  Sophia got a huge boost from Saudi Arabian investors who conferred upon her the title of citizen.  As a Quaker, I have to wonder if Islam is really as down on idolatry as I'd once presumed, as it seems to cheapen humanity and God's creation, to give a talking doll the same status as a human.

But then citizenship in a nation-state is starting to seem part of the Bot system anyway, in that corporate Stupid Bots have hollowed out (privatized) the once proud states.  It stands to reason that Saudi Arabia would help bring the nation-state era to a close.  They caved, those nations did, especially the USA which, as we learned from the FDR era, had strong Business Plot tendencies.

Another media campaign is going on as I write this:  various human journalists and correspondents are being labeled Bots because they diverge from the Party Line in the Orwellian state known as the UK.  I was just listening this morning to various accounts of Tweeters and Bloggers being labeled Bots.  This RT segment below gets into more of the details.