Thursday, July 09, 2015

Comments On News

I was OK with the Russians' dissent over using "genocide" and underlining that.  For one thing "ethnic cleansing" was the term of art at the time, and no one seems willing to say 7000 as a percentage of how many?  How many of population N must one kill to qualify for "genocidal" and how would this definition apply to August 6 and 9 of 1945?  How about to weapons testing in Micronesia accounting for cumulative collateral damage, ongoing thanks to fallout?

The Russian approach is to see politics more as soothing psychotherapy, a potentially healing process, but for the USA the goal is always to "win" in some "us versus them" final triumph ("war by other means").  Such thinking traces to Protestant Apocalyptic memes (which many Catholics share) wherein God comes in (again) from back stage and condemns the Baddies to hell, while exalting the Goodies in rapturous exaltation in some winner-take-all orgy of damnation such as only God (by Cecil B. DeMille, Ayn Rand a fan) could get away with.

Because of this "winner take all" mentality, which is childish at best, psychopathic more normally, the USAers need to be undermined occasionally, i.e. "outed" for their "two track" i.e. "hypocritical" as in "forked tongue" approach.  They'll smile at you over the table, holding out a hand of peace, while hiring a hit man to get you when you're not looking.  They like to lord it over the vanquished, to gloat.  Treating Russians like the vanquished in using the U2 to penetrate Soviet airspace post WW2, was problematic.  Dulles needed to be exposed, much to Eisenhower's resulting embarrassment.  People of some intelligence could see all this, and make it happen.

That's how the n8vs came to see the Anglo-Euros, and their Eagle Shield says as much:  arrows in one claw, olive branch in the other.  A schizophrenic in other words, a personality split right down the middle, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  In the national debates, we've broken it down by bird, dove versus hawk, such that only Boy Scouts have to be Eagles (vigilance is their chief quality -- not much escapes the Eagle Eye).  Why not the Jekylls versus the Hydes?  How about Doctor Who versus the Pentagoners?

How much time will the BBC spend on the anniversary of Clinton's bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade?  They used some cluster bombs then too, didn't they, the helpful Beltway Goons of Pentagon City.  Always happy to help, like in Syria, which the USAers gave themselves permission to "save" much as they used to "save" witches.  Thank you for Saving Syria, the banners should say, over each refugee boat arriving in Greece.  Mission Accomplished.

When Clinton aka NATO bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, was that when John Denver decided to check out?  That was never ruled a suicide actually.  He was hosting the Olympics before that on TV, in the Balkans, so happy that finally, in the 1980s, something good was happening in this desolate land of warring factions.  But noooo.... that was not to last.  Fast forward and we were back to crazy wars in the Balkans again.  I don't blame those nostalgic for Yugoslavia, which I'd visited.

The problem facing the supranationals is "EuroZone" is already not "Europe", i.e. no one said anything about a Zone in the 1980s.  If Greeks had known it was to be a Zone, they might have asked for "grexit" sooner?  Anyway, the Balkans are hard to believe in, with the Baltics not much more believable i.e. so many sovereignties are so fragile, so much the creations of empire, that their caving to supranational pressure is merely stripping aside a layer of melodrama no one believes in anymore anyway.  The supranationals are somewhat leery of having their masks (the pseudo-sovereignties) stripped away.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Athens, and Vilnius and Split and Dubrovnik and all those places.  I haven't been to Belgrade yet but I'm expecting to love it too.  I just don't buy much of the narrative the Hydes are pushing.  I don't really care what they say.  The Jekylls just make more sense, being medical doctors without borders and all.  I'm a proponent of psycho-health.  Food Not Bombs.