Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spiralling Onward

We're significantly into 2014 already.  I have a prospective Princeton student to interview, in my capacity as alum.  However I'm waiting for this cough to subside i.e. for the antibiotics to finish their work.  I'm day three into a course of five.

I was ambulatory enough to join Friends in a corner of the social hall for a 9:30 AM - 2:45 PM annual joint meeting of the Worship & Ministry and Oversight Committees.  This is all part of a standard calendar we follow.  Our State of the Meeting report to the Quarterly Meeting starts getting sketched in at this meeting.

David is sharing more "brain surgery", a nickname for the kind of geometry he does, dissecting a somewhat head-shaped (actually more spherical) hierarchy of concentric polyhedrons.  He's been inspired by this hierarchy for decades, including the embedded Jitterbug Transformation, a motion that adds dynamism to this standard arrangement of shapes.  As I was reiterating this morning, an attractive feature is the arithmetic isn't that hard.  It's not brain surgery, this "brain surgery", just reasonably engaging play.

Speaking of head shapes, I ran into Paul Kaufman, or he me, at the pharmacy.  I was fresh from the doctor's office.  He was all in green, including the hat.  Paul, for those who don't know, is one of the premier haberdashers in our region.  Those who know hats know about Paul.  I've been a proud owner of one of his black hats, custom made, but now it's gone missing, probably valuable given it has my name in it ("he said, egotistically").  You'll see it in pictures, where I sometimes used it to add to my Quaker aura.  It looks like something a Quaker would wear.

Lindsey, house guest, and I barreled through Breaking Bad Season 5 in one evening.  Earlier we saw the new documentary about Chogyum Trungpa Rinpoche, Crazy Wisdom.

I also watched The Autism Enigma, somewhat ironically given I'm in the process of gut bombing my gut bugs, messing with their RNA.  The focus is my lungs of course, where the unwelcome bugs deserve to be bombed.

Speaking of bombing, we also watched Daniel Ellsberg:  The Most Dangerous Man in America.  This was essentially a double feature with the Wikileaks documentary, a latter day declasssification project of a somewhat similar nature.  Tara chuckled at Nixon's funny potty mouth.  What he was saying wasn't very funny though.  Compared to fictive Walter Wright of Breaking Bad, Richard M. Nixon was far deeper into the criminal underworld of nation-state machinations, plotting the deaths of literally millions.

The Autism Enigma suggests brain function is impaired by things going on with bacteria in the gut.  It also implicates propanoic acid.

Micheal Sunanda, 70, came by on his bicycle.  Some moron in Eugene kicked him unconscious in his sleeping bag recently (he's pretty sure who the perp was).  He's now in Portland looking for legal advice regarding settling his affairs and having a plan for the ritual dispatch of his body when the time comes.  I helped him download an advance directive form to his thumb drive.