Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Comparitive Religion

So yeah, on Facebook I was making a link from Subgenius to Gnosticism.  In that environment, I've been using a Dobbs head as a personal icon, which sounds blasphemous but then Subgenius is deliberately built on blasphemies.  Some call it a "spoof religion" but I'd prefer to say it's more a philosophy dressed up as a religion, and parody is part of its anti-fragile design.  No, that's too much of a mouth full.  I'd say something pithier.  I'd hope to anyway.

To document my assertion, of such a link, I would point to Subgenius texts suggesting we're in some egomaniac's prison.  The deity is but a local deity yet has self aggrandizement issues.  That's an old doctrine of Gnostics, to envision us as The Borg, imprisoned in a Machine World.

I would not limit the Venn Diagram to these two.  Pragmatism is a third sphere to consider, in overlap.  The Bob Dobbsian looks to introduce "slack" as a kind of US American "liberty", a moment or more for oneself, for freedom.  What reminds us that we work together by choice, is that we get to choose, to go away, to come back.  The human imagination asserts its freedom early, in school especially, in the form of daydreaming and doodling, the perennial enemies of the "undivided attention".

Friends have relatively little interest in empire building and so do not tend to gobble up "smaller" religions.  On the contrary, they're more likely to have been "gobbled up by" being Ben Franklin's turkeys in some way.  Idealistic, utopian, out of power before the Constitution was signed, already against slavery.  So out of step.  But not uncoordinated.  Still alive and kicking even, so that's a sign of resiliency if nothing else, meaning a not-too-brittle theology.  We're not huge nor must we be more gigantic.  I say "we" for a host of reasons, lets not waste time in Apologetics.

I'm not doing all the homework for you here.  My work is done if you even half believe there's this literature I'm talking about.  The Gnostic stuff only came to light relatively recently and the translations are pretty fresh.  They're Coptic, a lot of them, from a special part of Egypt.  C.G. Jung got involved with one of them.  If you're interested in stories about old documents, you've come to the right place.  The Subgenius stuff is brand new, relatively, a product of this day and age, the time of Mad Magazine, Mad Men, and Madison Avenue, an age of advertising, of spin, or getting the message out there using new kinds of "mass media".  Marshall McLuhan was one of its prophets.