Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wanderers 2011.01.26

Our little meeting room was full again, as we welcomed some newcomers. I'd posted to the Wanderers list that Lew Scholl might be joining us. Jon Bunce brought a friend as well.

We all hit if off in spatial geometry, as Lew, inspired by finding Koski's great vZome in Coffeeshopsnet, had embarked upon duplicating said embedding of several polyhedrons using Google SketchUp. Jon's friend wanted to talk about the unit volume tetrahedron. We were feasting on NeoPlatonism on the Linus Pauling Campus, so apropos.

Lew has been uploading buildings to Google Earth, including the Friends Meetinghouse on Stark Street. He hooked up to the projector, borrowing Buzz's Apple, because of a keyboard issue, and took us through the initial steps of getting the Pauling House uploaded (it's already there, but Lew's was looking more detailed, insofar as it went (nothing new got placed)).

Multnomah Friends / Google Earth
click for larger view

We also learned a lot more about posture and the Alexander Technique. I hooked up to the projector and showed a few things as well, including Kenneth Snelson's newest, with the snakes, and, on Don's request, this older one from animators working for the Whitney Museum in NYC. I also played the trailer for The Economics of Happiness.

Some of the time, I was in the anteroom connecting to the pantry and back porch, as the Toshiba was low on charge. It'd been having some serious problems as of our last Oversight meeting @ Quakers, but after leaving the battery out for awhile (something customer service had once suggested in another context) that particular situation resolved.

I'm thinking about Nick (what news?), my family south and north. Cousin Mary's dad was concerned that one of his research papers be made world-readable via the web. I'd uploaded the PDF version awhile back, but now I've got it in HTML with an embedded hit counter, per Dr. Myer's request. I've cited this paper twice on the Math Forum.

Lew was fortunate to get a tour of Glenn's Global Matrix Studio in its original Pauling Campus location, before it moves down the street along Hawthorne Boulevard. Glenn let me snap together a raw six pieces to form a Sam Lanahan icosahedron, which we gave to Lew. Lew is still wanting to get that rhombic triacontahedron added, ala the Koski vZome.