Monday, January 24, 2011

Using words you will find are strange...

from Pink Floyd's On the Turning Away.

When the Jitterbug spins down to the first station stop, I might
call that 'Landing on Mars'. We're at a first base camp. The
octahedron is the next platform, everything doubling. The final
four-fold quadrivium (a signalling) happens at the turn-around,
where we flip to the other dorji or whatever we call it (go through
to the next measure, or chapter). You want an Icosahedron closer
in than base camp, right around 5. Having checked Bucky's figures
I see he's not trying to label said Icosa's edge in his

diagram, so I'm thinking we're OK with said figures. Note the
arrow by the RT. That's his choice for 5 at the end of the day.
I've called it the NCLB Polyhedron but the math teachers haven't
been able to follow that, as they're XYZ qyoobists bouncing around
in their rubber room, like a trapped gas (maybe methane?).