Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Day

I was heading off with Glenn today, who arrived at my steps the moment I walked out the door. On the way, I noticed Mosley was out, cruising the street: a small dog belonging to one of the neighbors. He'd escaped. The neighbors were gone.

Thanks to cell phone technology, we resolved the situation or at least I think we did. LW was caretaking Mosley when I exited the scene, is now serene on the couch.

The meeting with Sam and Glenn went well, our server knowing all about Platonic polyhedra and crediting Minnesota schools, as well as his getting geometry, a math with clear objective content. Bridgeport Ale House. 97214 is truly global university, reaching out to sister zips. Tour through sometime, when in the mood to study. Visit Powell's maybe?

At the lunch meeting I showed some video from the Radical Math class Glenn and I had provided. I'd taken these with the Flextegrity camera (a Canon). I need to burn these to DVD, a process started thanks to Dave Fabik.