Thursday, November 08, 2007

World Game Museum

As I mentioned on Synergeo a few times (a Yahoo! eGroup I used to be a member of), I've been collaborating with colleagues on what we now call the World Game museum.

Of course the Fuller Projection will be a big part of it, probably the centerpiece, maybe as a fold-out Geoscope the way he envisioned for the USIA a long time ago, before Expo '67 (see page 469 of Your Private Sky, edited by Krausse & Lichtenstein, Lars Müller Publishers).

In at least some of the rooms, we'll display once popular K-16 mathematics text books, exhibiting how the ultra-basic elements of synergetic geometry were suppressed by the corrupt, no-integrity scholastics, other idiocrats, of that very dark age. No concentric hierarchy, no A&B modules.

Our model will be some of those postmortem museums I've seen in Germany and places, depicting loser propaganda once popular in Old Europe.