Friday, November 16, 2007

More Networking

Gayle prepares the "baklava cake"

Arthur Dye and I continued our discussions of AFSC history over Afghani cuisine on Hawthorne, plus I learned about the history of St. Augustine, Florida, where Arthur's family once owned a hotel.

Some of the most die-hard Native Americans were penned in a fort there, during the period of forced resettlement.

This was after seeing mom off at PDX, as she begins her six month sojourn in a warmer clime.

Anne Hyde commented on mom's excellent writings at the birthday party this evening, for Larry and Tom, turning sixty. I filled her in about mom's unpublished novels, especially her historical fiction around the life of Jacopa Frangipane.

Elise and family are just showing up at the front door, gotta go...